King Harmsworth Design and Photography

Design for visual identity & branding

Subtitle: Providing clear, robust and flexible visual identities for SME's and Startups as a strong platform to build their brands.

Latest Logo projects

The Lodsworth Clinic mark
Duck Duck goose coffee and kids logo reversed
  1. The Lodsworth Clinic logomark for a wellness clinic in Sussex, UK
  2. Duck duck goose reversed logo for a cafe in Essex, UK

Brand collateral

Team pig logo in pink on black background
Pink Team pig branding on black apron
Al Damon Advertising clearance consultant logo
Branding collateral for Al Damon copy clearance consultant, business cards and letterhead

Visual identity design Selected projects

damn good voices logo greyscale
radio 3.0 - B2B Campaign for RadioCentre trade body
know knockers logo greyscale
My Supply teacher logo - online teaching resources
  1. Damn Good Voices logo - voice over agency in London
  2. Know Knockers logo - lingerie specialists
  3. My Supply Teacher logo - online teaching resources startup
  4. Radio 3.0 - B2B Campaign for RadioCentre trade body